Advanced Manufacturing for Nuclear Workshop & Advanced Methods for Manufacturing Annual Program Review
December 4-6, 2018

Oak Ridge National Laboratory • Manufacturing Demonstration Facility • Knoxville, TN

Advanced manufacturing techniques hold great potential to enhance current and enable future nuclear energy systems. Regardless of the reactor technology, advances in materials, manufacturing techniques, approaches to qualification, and construction technologies are essential to ensure the future of nuclear energy and US leadership.

The Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear, Electric Power Research Institute, Nuclear Energy Institute, and US Nuclear Industry Council invite you to the Advanced Manufacturing for Nuclear: Applications, Techniques, Needs, and Challenges Workshop hosted at the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility. The event will include DOE-NE’s Advanced Methods for Manufacturing Annual Program Review. 

This invitation-only workshop will bring together researchers, nuclear technology developers, industry, and regulators to review and discuss state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing, with explicit focus to:

Understand the needs of nuclear industry and developers’ plans for the use of advanced manufacturing
Identify the opportunities, future needs, and challenges for a range of advanced manufacturing techniques in a nuclear context
Summarize the state-of-the-art effort, identify gaps and future needs, and report on current research

The workshop will include:

Researchers who will highlight the latest developments
Representatives from nonnuclear industries that bring additional experience and perspective to meet unique challenges
Tour of the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility to see the first-hand application of advanced manufacturing
Opportunities to inform regulators about current progress and learn of potential impact on the regulatory approach
Nuclear industry developers who will provide insights into their needs